5 Ways To Cook With Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes - Rusty Plow Farms

Here are my five favorite ways to cook with garlic scapes. When using the scape, I prefer to remove and discard the flowering tip of the scape. It tends to be more fibrous and it leaves my pesto with a stringy texture the first time I didn’t remove the bulbous tip.

5 Reasons To Shop Your Local Farmers Market

There are many reasons why you are smart to support your local farmers and farmers market this summer. From finding unique products and foods that aren’t available in stores to connecting with your community, the farmers market is considered a community hub in many towns. Don’t let summer pass without a trip to your local farmers market.

Perfect Hard Cooked Eggs Using The Instant Pot

Hard cooked Eggs - Rusty Plow Farms

After many attempts, I’ve finally developed the best method for hard-cooking farm-fresh eggs. Ready? I steam them in my Instant Pot! Consider one if you don’t yet have an electronic pressure cooker appliance. It has replaced my slow cooker, rice steamer, and my old-fashioned stove-top pressure cooker, so I justified the expense on the space savings.

Wireless Tag Sensors And How We Use Them On Our Farm

wireless tag and tag manager - Rusty Plow Farms

Rusty Plow Farms uses Wireless Tags by CAO Gadgets to monitor temperature and motion around the farm. In freezers, chick brooders, chicken doors, refrigerators and more., the wifi connected wireless tags are important tools for monitoring door opens and closes and possible freezer or refrigerator failures.