Meet Your Farmers

Accidental Farmers

It all began quite innocently and somewhat by accident. We were driving through the country to my sister’s home in south-central Indiana, when Chris randomly blurted out, “I wonder what it would be like to be a farmer”. To which Marie replied, “I happen to know of a little farm going up for sale”.  That was the very beginning of thoughts of what would become Rusty Plow Farms. 

his story

Chris grew up in a rural area outside of Kansas City, Missouri where he spent summers exploring the woods and creeks that were abundant near his boyhood home.  He comes from a family who enjoys gardening and nature.  Chris is trained as an engineer and his talents for design come in very handy on the farm.  His main farming focus is growing and maintaining the fruit crops, hardscape and infrastructure design and build, and the ever-present tool maintenance and weeding chores!

Her story

Marie grew up in Indiana on a little farm where she helped her parents with raising chickens and rabbits and could occasionally be coerced into helping weed the garden and vegetable harvest. Her true talent is anything that has to do with animals. In fact, her college education is in veterinary medicine and has 12 years experience working as a vet tech. But she also may have inherited her mother’s green thumb and now her primary areas of focus on the farm are vegetable production and poultry management.