Growing Garlic

Garlic varieties will fall into two main types: hardneck and softneck. You can tell the difference easily by looking and feeling for a rigid, pencil-like stalk in the center of the garlic bulb. The hardneck varieties will have this stalk. Softneck varieties will have paper-like skins covering the cloves within the bulb. Grocery store garlic will be a softneck variety because it can be stored for up to 18 months. Hardneck varieties will generally only store well for up to 9 months.

5 Reasons To Shop Your Local Farmers Market

There are many reasons why you are smart to support your local farmers and farmers market this summer. From finding unique products and foods that aren’t available in stores to connecting with your community, the farmers market is considered a community hub in many towns. Don’t let summer pass without a trip to your local farmers market.