Chicken Tractor Plans Instant Download


Build your own chicken tractor with our downloadable plans. Houses approximately 17 meat chickens, 10 layer pullets, or 4 turkeys.

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Now you can build your own chicken tractor with our downloadable plans. We’ve designed this chicken tractor to be moved by one person without any special separate wheeled dolly or mechanical help. Using the instantly downloadable plans, you can have your own chicken tractor built in a day or less. This tractor is used at Rusty Plow Farms to keep our meat chickens safe from predators but still allows the chickens to dig through the grass. It’s then moved to fresh grass each morning to leave the chicken manure behind and give the birds a fresh plot to forage.

This moveable chicken tractor can also be used as a grow-out pen for chicks, ducks, turkeys or other types of poultry.


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