Don’t Throw Away Flavor, Make Turkey Stock From Thanksgiving Scraps

Don’t Throw Away Flavor,  Make Turkey Stock From Thanksgiving Scraps

I’ve shared with you on another blog about how to brine your farm-raised turkey for the most tender and juiciest Thanksgiving bird ever, but did you know that you can use those leftover bones skin and other little bits to make the best stock?  It’s really super easy and here’s how.

After you are done carving the turkey, take any of the leftover skins, bones and other bits and add them to a large stockpot or other similar pot.  You can even use a crockpot  or my newest favorite kitchen appliance, the Instant Pot to make stock.  I tend not to add spices to my Thanksgiving turkey stock because I’ve already brined and seasoned the turkey before roasting, but you can if you want.  You can also add onion, celery, a garlic clove, and a bay leaf for extra seasoning if desired.

Cover and turn the heat on medium low and bring the stock up to a simmer, then turn the heat down to low and allow the stock to cook for 12-24 hours, until the bones are soft and the stock has a rich yellow color.

turkey stock

At this point, your stock is ready to use, can or freeze.  I like to can mine into 1 quart canning jars, but I’ve also frozen it in plastic freezer containers also.  Be sure to use within 3 months if frozen, but canned broth will stay shelf-stable for up to a year if properly canned.

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