Farewell, Summer

Farewell, Summer

It’s September 21, and as I write this blog post, I glance out my window to see the early morning fog just beginning to lift and the sun rising to reveal the new day.  It’s the last day of summer.


Fall is a bittersweet time for me. It’s no surprise that I love to be outdoors.  From gardening, tending to the animals, landscaping, building projects; I relish every moment of sun and hot weather.  So when the seasons change and it’s time to clean up the vegetable gardens, I’m torn.  On one hand, summer is a physically demanding season for me as a market farmer and I’m ready for the break that winter brings.  On the other hand, well, winter.  Enough said!  Winter means thawing out frozen animal waterers, collecting eggs every 2 hours so they don’t freeze and crack, moments of boredom for both the animals and the humans, and slick roads.  Have I mentioned the teenage driver?DSC_0003

So for now, I’ll enjoy the remaining days of warm weather, plant a few more fall crops, and start planning the 2018 vegetable planting.  After all, a farmer’s work is never done.

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