Where’s the Rusty Plow? How the Farm Got Its Name

Where’s the Rusty Plow?  How the Farm Got Its Name

We hear it often, and it’s usually the next question people ask us when they realize our farm’s location and that they’ve driven by us many times.  It’s one of the perks of living on a state highway; lots of traffic and a well-traveled road for many.

“But where’s the rusty plow?”

Original Massey Ferguson plow found on the farm

When we bought the property in 2010, it was 16 acres containing many wild critters, weeds that were over our heads, and one abandoned and badly deteriorated farmhouse.  Sadly, we were not able to salvage the entire farmhouse, but the 100-year old trim work still adds that “been here forever” charm to the new farmhouse.  As we worked to uncover the tangle of weeds that made up the majority of the farmland, we uncovered a great old rusty Massey Furgeson 2-bottom plow.  We knew instantly that if we were blessed with the health and resources to make a market farm out of this place, we had the perfect name already handed to us.

July 2011: the sign is in place but the plow was stolen

The plow was dug out of its long forgotten resting spot and the swing arm sign bearing the farm’s new name was prepared:  Rusty Plow Farms was official!  Unfortunately, living on a state highway also has its drawbacks.  The day after we picked up the sign, the plow was stolen from our farm in the middle of the night.  In spite of our contacting the sheriff, filing the report, and contacting all of the local scrap metal yards, we never were able to recover the stolen plow.

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