Rusty Plow Farms

Sustainably grown produce, poultry and eggs

Chicken Eggs, $4 per dozen

Our laying hens get to roam freely, foraging through the grasses and fields. A diverse diet for the hens means more flavorful and nutritious eggs for all of us. We get asked often by folks who have never tried very fresh, grass-based eggs if they really will tell the difference. More often than not, those first-timers come back for more eggs and rave about the flavor and quality.  

Because eggs are perishable, we cannot ship them to you. Local pick up on our farm only, or contact us directly to discuss the possibility of delivery for large orders of eggs.

Meat Chickens, $4 per pound processed weight

Our whole chickens are raised on pasture in movable pens to ensure that they get to forage on grass, seeds and bugs for the highest quality. They also eat a non-GMO grain-based feed to support proper nutrition and growth. We raise them in small batches from May through September and they are sold as whole birds.  The average weight is 3.5 to 5 pounds each. To reserve your birds, a $5 per bird deposit is required.  After placing your deposit, we will contact you with the next available approximate processing date at our farm. You can pick your birds up fresh on the day of processing or the next day, but after that time the birds will be frozen for pickup within a week. Deposit is not refundable but is deducted from the total price of your chicken at pick up time.  $4 per pound (less $5 deposit per bird).

Raspberry Jams

We sell the fresh raspberries at the local farmers markets while they are in season for about 3 weeks in July.  So we can enjoy that farm-grown flavor all year long, we make jams out of any extra raspberries we can pick during their short season.  Our specialty jams are made with raspberries grown on our farm and picked at the peak of freshness. Choose from red, red seedless, yellow or black raspberry. And for a very limited time, we have red raspberry jalapeno jam available.